Monday, June 18, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Top bad puns for a hair salon I will never start, thought of today (with some serious assistance):
  • Bloods and Clips
  • Perms of En-shear-ment
  • Total E-clips of the Part (online salon)
  • Raising Hairizona
  • Kiddie Shorn (kidz cuts!)
  • The Brother's Trimme Hairy Tales (doubles as gonzo niche porn title)
  • Trim and Crop-her
  • His Curl Friday
  • Bosnia-Hairzegovina
  • 'Fro Momma from the Mane
  • Last Tangle in Hair-is
  • Thou Shalt not Commit Adulthairy
  • The face that launched 1,000 clips
  • Take me down to the Hairadise city where the 'stache is clean and the curls are pretty

I hope they all make you groan. I'll probably think of 5 worse ones tomorrow morning and edit this. Perhaps some suggestions as well...

In other news:

Pentagon confirms it sought to build a "gay bomb" (real.)

Small funny Gif of Conan dancing like a maniac with Andrew WK.

Chomsky to Dennett: suck it. (this isn't hard-core tech reading, but you might want to know something about science history or the philosophy of the mind before jumping in.)

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