Thursday, October 25, 2007

Counterpoint: 2007 is the worst year in the history of Music

Much beloved site OiNK was shut down recently. I can't put it better than this Stereogum commenter:

Yes, it provided a way to get free versions of widely available popular albums, but it also archived and cataloged the last 50 years of music better than any other place on Earth. Many of which are not readily available for purchase anywhere. It was an excellent record of one field of human achievement and now its gone ... How about the Clash's "Vanilla Tapes" that were lost on a subway train 30 years ago? On Oink, but not in stores.

It was the digital music version of the burning of the Library at Alexandria.

They destroyed the greatest historical archive of rock so they could make a couple more bucks off Rhianna's "Umbrella".

10/23/07- Never Forget

More soon...


John said...

I will never forget this tragic event. I can't talk about it now. It's too hard.

More to come soon.

mqzoeller said...

We must never forget Oink. I blame Bush administration and global warming.