Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Years Resolution

I will post one awesome youtube video per day every day for the month of January, along with other select content. Check back every day for something cool starting....


This is a video of the inmates from a prison in the Philippines acting out Thriller. Yeah, hardened criminals just dancing their asses off. I feel somehow like all of them could be released now and they'd never do wrong again.

I've got this idea about a cool search engine that would work for content sites with "star rating" features. Youtube, for instance. Everyone knows that all "star rating" systems are shitty because there's always some a-hole's friends video that has 5 stars on Youtube only because 50 people have watched it. I want a way to set an exact star rating and minimum view-count and search with or without keywords.

You following me? You are so not following me. Think about it: how much would you love to search youtube videos that have had over 1 million views and still have a 5 star rating. Maybe there's still one- wouldn't you want to see that? Or search for "Monkey" and filter by 200k views and a 4 star rating. Someone will invent this simple technology and I'm not going to ask for something unrealistic like mailing me a million bucks or pulling up next to me in a Lamborghini and throwing me the keys. Just give me a great job in the company is all.

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