Friday, April 18, 2008

Nalgene and Internet memes

Where do those forwards you get about toxic lemon slices and assault-prevention come from? We're about to find out as I give you this expose on Nalgene bottles. Apparently the plastic they use (Bisphenol A) has some serious health side effects!
With more than 6 million pounds produced in the United States each year, bisphenol A is found in dental sealants, baby bottles, the liners of food cans, CDs and DVDs, eyeglasses and hundreds of household goods. The chemical has been linked to neurological and behavioral problems in infants and babies, along with certain cancers, diabetes and obesity.
I feel a special sort of schadenfreude as I read this because I've been a tireless crusader against Nalgene bottle simply because they're dumb. I would always ask people why they were willing to pay 15 bucks for a bottle of water and basically the only reason I was ever given was "they're practically unbreakable, man!" Yeah, that's my major problem with water bottles; I'm ALWAYS breaking them. My Dasani (made from tap water, btw) 20oz nearly broke in my hands the other day!

MZ and I even wrote a song called Dark Logic (named after a machete of ours) featuring the lyrics "where's my Nalgene." The lyrics (all 3 words of it) mercilessly lampooned those adventurers with their $1000 polypropylene socks and synthetic fleece overlays that apparently "wick" the sweat from your body via sheer magic. If the Nalgenes don't kill them I will.


Leah said...

While I've never owned a Nalgene, I know that they were (prior to the referenced study) considered safe to refill...the chemicals in the disposable bottles are much worse and you're not supposed to re-use them. The new trend? Kleen Kanteens baby! And they are even more expensive at about $20 a pop. I am waiting for the day when we all just walk around with glasses filled with tap water.

E-Money said...

Yes, I agree with Leah. Even the stuff lining the Sigg bottles is supposed to be bad (like the lining of cans). Just bought a couple of Kleen Kanteens, and LOVE them. Water tastes good again.

I have never used the "they're unbreakable, man!" quip with anyone asking about my previously used Nalgene bottles, but I do like the idea of reusing a bottle for my water--which I fill several times a day from the tap--instead of contributing to the Dasani-and-Aquafina-bottle-clogged landfills around the country. Also, in the long run, isn't it better to have paid 20-25 bucks for a bottle that you can refill with tap water for years upon years...instead of plopping $1.50 (or whatev) in the counter for some nasty tap water from Louisiana (Dasani/Aquafina) while also contributing to the bottom line of Coke/Pepsi--the manufacturers of said bottled water?

I know that was a long-ass sentence.