Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Colts vs. The Patriot

I guess political donations can buy you more than a rider in the Patriot Act. Payton Manning got to visit his favorite Patriot, George W. Bush, on Monday.

Now I know that Super Bowl winners, regardless of their political affiliation, get to visit the White House. But rarely do they seem as thrilled as Peyton was to hand Bush a team jersey.

Peyton remarked on meeting Bush, "It was very emotional," Manning said at a short news conference after the ceremony. "It kind of made you proud to be an American." Ok, Ok.. that was actually a comment he made about visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. How could visiting soldiers who were unnecessarily wounded in this disastrous war make you feel anything but proud of America? One has to wonder which section of the hospital Peyton visited.. I'm guessing it was the VIP area.

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