Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sorry Letterman, there's a new #1 on the Bush top ten

Move over MC Rove it's Bush's turn. We've had like 6 posts in the last 2 days here at aaaathatsfiveas, and I hate to keep moving them down the page but a lot of shit happened today. The biggest news was that President Bush actually DANCED with Africans for malaria awareness. Someone said "If it wasn't for all of his policies he'd be the greatest president." If you could charitably interpret his arrogance as being Colbert-like (which is now impossible given Bush's policies) then maybe...


PS- new White Stripes single "Icky Thump" dropped today download it here. It's right heavy, and won't go far on rock radio but I think it rules.

PPS- You can link back to this page with this permalink or by clicking the title of this blog post if you wanna, you know, pass on the photos and info...

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