Sunday, February 18, 2007


Have you ever had the experience where you're arguing a side and someone joins in on your side but is completely inept and/or offensive in the argumentation? Not just bad, but so bad that it actually seems to effectively rebut your entire position?

Years ago I was arguing with my friend John about the Kobe Bryant trial with he saying that Kobe was innocent based on certain evidence and that therefore it was likely consensual, and me saying that I tend to withhold judgment/ lean toward the alleged victim in situations like this because it's difficult to go forward with rape accusations to begin with (and is so rarely brought forward anyway.) Well an acquaintance joins in on John's side and starts saying "yeah, that bitch is a liar- she was totally asking for it. If you're in a room with a basketball star what do you think is gonna happen? Every girl loves Kobe..." and so forth.

Suddenly it looked to everyone in the room that John and our acquaintance were both claiming that Kobe should have the right to rape whomever he pleases without consequence, and that the alleged victim should be drawn and quartered for suggesting otherwise. So John couldn't even really defend his position anymore because it looked so bad. There should be a word/phrase for when that happens, maybe like "Ward Churchill syndrome." All you conservative Bush-haters and non-Fraternal Bob Marley fans know what I mean. Anyway, here's a ridiculous site (probably NSFW or for parents) that I found while Googling info for this post, dedicated to dispelling the apparently persistent myth that "Kobe Bryant's penis is so large, anal sex must have been painful."

Here is a largely irrelevant song by Voxtrot that I absolutely love and have been listening to frequently: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives.

PS- just so I can argue with John in the comments section- doesn't it seem like the final summary statement made by the Kobe team was a confession?

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