Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grossman and Obama

I came across this article on written by Michael Essany. Matt and I started chatting about it and we came to the realization that Mr. Essany's comparison of Rex Grossman to Barack Obama is rather absurd, fortunately Essany makes some necessary clarifications.

Matt: this is the lamest sentence of all time: "Of course, no one is suggesting that Obama don a Bears uniform next season or that Grossman should seek the presidency."
Matt: ohhhh snap!
Matt: zing!
Matt: "just because they are vaguely similar in some respects- that doesn't mean that Obama literally has professional level football skills, hahhahah!"
John: it's embarrassing
John for the author
Matt: exactly
John: thank god for this explanation... "The comparison begins and ends with the challenging situation in which both icons of Illinois find themselves."
Matt: totally
Matt: "my love is like a rose, but earth to Matilda! that doesn't mean that I literally want to be planted in the soil and watered daily"!!!!!
John: haha
John: I literally shit myself when I read this article
Matt: "The Iraq conflict bears a mild resemblance to Vietnam", but I'm in no way implying that Iraq actually resides in South East Asia or takes place during the 1960s"
Matt: I figuratively shot myself in the face when i read that article
John: "His charisma and junior status in the U.S. Senate have inspired many to label this 2008 presidential contender as the next JFK."
John: Not that he's going to get shot in the head
Matt: or sleep with marilyn monroe
Matt: or attend Edward Devotion School for four years (kindergarten in 1922 to third grade)
John: I hope Corey Williams doesn't literally have his way with Obama as well...


Matt C said...

In other sports news, I think a comparison between Tim Hardaway and President Bush might be appropriate...

Ms. C said...

this is my favorite.