Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Introductions all around

No one is reading this blog yet, so it may be fruitless to introduce ourselves. When you you future Wikipedians dig this old stuff for the purposes of our biographies however, it'll be helpful to have a mission statement for you to look at.

AAAAthatsfiveas is about the difficulty of communication in today's world. It's about being misrepresented. It's about the clear Orwellian falsehoods we're asked to consider seriously. More importantly though, it's a joke we ripped off from (Timothy) McSweeney's (Internet Tendency) and it will ideally place us first in the roll-call of bloggers. "Present" we'll say, and then we'll just fucking relax while all the other names get called knowing we don't have to even pay attention.

PS- OMG Nicky Hilton is getting sued OMG

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Matt C said...

Welcome to the internets.