Thursday, January 10, 2008

American Gladiators

I remember watching American Gladiators all the time when I was a kid. I don't remember much except for the padding and the names: laser, turbo, nitro, etc.

Whatever 14-year-old was allowed to name all the gladiators*** must have grown up to name trendy bars.
Dazzle, Tryst, Sutra, Tabu, Ice, Chemistry etc. really just sound like the same "American Gladiator" naming principle now expressed through the mind of a vapid 20-something. I feel like this could've been a good joke with more work, but I think I'll settle for "witticism" here with my self-imposed daily-post requirement.

It brings to mind Malibu, probably the greatest American Gladiator. I don't remember him at all but based on the two clips available on youtube I willing to stand by the claim. Even though it seems like you should probably watch the injury video before you watch the post-injury interview video, I don't think that's right. It seems funnier to watch him first that way you can appreciate the full injury video all the better (in which he apparently gets injured by kicking himself in the head!) His style/image is fascinating because it seems like over-the-top parody and yet somehow you feel that Malibu's persona is absolutely real.

Malibu talks about his injury (the last line is clearly the best FYI):

Malibu's complete injury clip:

*** Though someone must've forbade "ninja" unless I'm mistaken.

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