Thursday, January 17, 2008

American Idol is Back

I know that literally everybody loves American Idol... yet nearly everybody I know personally seems to hate it. I watched Tuesday's Season 7 premier episode, and was delighted to be introduced to some very colorful characters. Without American Idol I would likely go through my life without meeting the dozen or so stand-out oddballs whose stint on AI typically lasts no more than 30 seconds.

I'm going to try and post some of my favorites this season. Props to Leah for emailing me this gem today.

On Tuesday's episode we were treated to nearly 8 minutes of Alexis Cohen. Simon went surprisingly easy on her, but Alexis didn't see it that way.

I couldn't help but feel bad for Christina Tolisano, and even worse for her Grandparents.

And finally.. Here is my early pick for the top 12 based on the Philly audition. If anybody knows her please tell her I have a place she can stay just minutes from Hollywood.

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