Monday, January 7, 2008

Top 10 songs from top 10 lists

I already mentioned my love of year end top ten lists; I find more music out during this 1 month span than I do during the rest of the year. It's because of this that I'd like to do something a little tricky, which is to post my "top 10 songs that i discovered via top 10 lists." The glaring flaw in this is that you don't know what songs I already know/like and therefore couldn't make the list. Okay, so at the end of this list I'll give my "pre december 07 top 10 list" (not that it's changed much) and that can provide some insight. In the meantime, enjoy discovering new stuff/making fun of me for not hearing that one song earlier.

Top 10 songs of 2007 that I discovered/rediscovered in the last month. These links take you sites where you can actually download the songs by the way (I uploaded them for you) so take a listen and tell me what you think:
1. Franz Ferdinand- All my friends. Sorry guys but keeping the melody and ditching the repetitive goddamn piano bit was a good call.
2. Yeasayer- 2080. everything about this song kicks. You can stream this one too:
3. JUSTICE- DANCE This track is a great illustration of why I love year-end lists. I heard this song way back, loved it and forgot about it.
4. Santogold- LES ARTISTES She doesn't have an album out yet but she's already garnering comparisons to MIA and the Yeah Yeah yeahs. MIA cause she's not white and the Yeah Yeah yeahs because it actually applies to the music.
5. MGMT- Time to Pretend It's about becoming a rockstar or something but it's instantly likable.
6. Patrick Wolf- The Magic Position One of my favorite pure pop songs of the past few years.
7. Electralane- To the East
8. Heart it Races- Dr. Dog I'll actually give the credit to this Matt C. on this one since he convinced me to listen to more than just "Easy beat" (which I love.)
9. Sea Wolf- You're a Wolf love the cello harmony on the chorus- reminds me of the end of Nirvana's cover of "man Who Sold the World." Seriously.
10. Chromatics- In the city great sound this band.

1. Radiohead- Reckoner there are a lot of Radiohead tracks that could've been selected for this list (a normal year would have 15 step, Nude and Arpeggi at 1,2,3.) I went with this one because its so original- It's rare to hear such a beautiful song over an almost jungle beat- compared with the equally beautiful Nude which is presented in roughly standard Radiohead ballad format, this one gets the nod.
2 MIA- paper planes Just because "Banner Prepaid wireless" is mentioned in this song, I want to get it now- that's how good this song is.
3. Arcade Fire- Well and the lighthouse The "Resurrected
Living in a lighthouse" section is absolutely irresistible. You will learn it and you will sing it. Even though there are better overall songs on Neon Bible (Like Ocean of Noise) the sing-along ending is one of my favorite musical moments of the year, so I couldn't resist.
4. The National- Fake Empire (the most elegant and subtle political song since Bulls on Parade by Rage against the machine***)
5. Wilco- you are my face – Pulling off this song is something that only Wilco could do. Taking a sleepy gorgeous ballad and injecting squaling guitars and a rocked-out middle section and somehow improving it.
6. Bishop Allen- news from your bed One of those songs where you want to learn all the lyrics so you can sing along loudly.
7. deerhoof +81- After I heard it I couldn't rest until I learned it on guitar. Best Riff of the year. (no arguments about how this song leaked in 12/06 please.)
8. Bros- Panda Bear – I don't understand why I don't listen to this song all the time. It's amazing.
9. Stars- Sleep Tonight (junior boys remix) This would be higher except I was SO pissed about the Jr Boys remix of "perfect crime #2"- abysmal. Sorry- grudge.
10. Radiohead- 4 minute warning. This actually 1 or 2 but I've already pumped up this song so much that I don't need to waste anymore capital on it.

Also, so this cop grabs a dude's penis. Turn the sound up- really.

*** yes of course that's a joke, though I'm not knocking the band or their politics.


Matt C said...

I just downloaded your top 10 from top 10 lists. With the exception of "Heart It Races" (a cover of an annoying Architecture In Helsinki song turned awesome by Dr. Dog) and "D.A.N.C.E.", I haven't heard any of those. Your real top 10 lists or mentions 5 of my favorite songs from this year - Ocean of Noise, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Fake Empire, Paper Planes, You Are My Face - so I will leave those for your list. Even with those aside, I still don't think I can narrow it down to 10, so I'm going a little over. If you don't like it, eat a dick.

1. Ain't It Strange - Dr. Dog
2. Up Against The Wall - Peter Bjorn and John
3. Int'l Player's Anthem - UGK featuring Outkast
4. True Love Way - Kings of Leon
5. Goodnight Rose - Ryan Adams
6. Flashing Lights - Kanye West
7. Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
8. The People - Common
9. Right Moves - Josh Ritter
10. Finer Feelings - Spoon
11. While We Go Dancing - White Rabbits
12. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
13. Make It Wit Chu - Queens of the Stone Age

Matt C said...
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Matt C said...

I was making a Best of 2007 compilation this morning (enough good songs to completely fill 2 discs this year) and realized a couple of glaring omissions from my list - Interpol's best song to date, "Pioneer to the Falls", and cover of the year, The Band's "It Makes No Difference", by My Morning Jacket.

Matt said...

I'll check out the MMJ cover you recommended- sounds awesome. I agree with you (partially) on the Interpol song. It's a great, great song and is probably #11-12 on my list. I don't think it's the best Interpol song ever though (Stella was a diver and she was always down comes to mind).

If you haven't heard the orchestral version I've highly advise you to do so- as bad ass as the studio is, I think this one's better. Pick it up on the Mammoth EP, downloadable free on the internets right here:

Hurry before a horse or some paper clogs on of the tubes.

Matt said...

you might have to repair that link yourself

maybe click this
and see if it works

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