Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The (barely) Forgotten

When I was in college I had a collection of "funny" videos downloaded to my computer from BearShare, including "Kid gets nailed by Basketball", "Karate-Bear Salmon Commercial", and "Monkey drinks his own pee". The advent of youtube has been bittersweet for me because it seems like every viral video involves dancing and/or singing now, oh nevermind. I realized how silly it is to be a purist nostalgic for the days when we watched Monkeys sniff their own butts before they fell out of a tree instead of some idiot's evolution of dance.

Anyway here are a few awesome clips that flew under the radar as far as I can tell, but you still may have seen them. The first is a cable access clip of a concerned citizen speaking about issues close to his heart (by which I mean a crazy person ranting at a city council meeting.) Some say that "Lemon-headed cowards" is the best part but it's hard to beat the tone of matter-of-fact rationality this guy adopts when he enumerates his four points "3. solar hot water panels on it and 4. put ice in the arena."

This 'un here is a german TV interview, in which the interview has a rather odd vocal affectation. Supposedly this is real and the interviewer was apparently fired. It was a show on a condition that causes radical changes in your voice, according to what I've read. Enjoy.


Mupetblast said...

Good god, that city council guy was somethin' else. I think the 8.5 earthquake he created at the podium was the best part.

mqzoeller said...

Those are probably my two favorite clips of all time. They are also the two clips I have sent out most to people I know. You should know though, that it is not German, it is Icelandic. And if you google the other guy's name and Charlotte, N.C. a few dudes will pop up. You can call them, but none of them will claim to be this guy or want to talk about it.