Friday, March 9, 2007

"Doesn't mean cause I go here [that] I'm a genius... I am very smart."

Whoever names the movie that the (significantly less-hilarious when written) title line comes from wins a prize.

There's some controversy about whether (Montana's own) Chris Langan is the world's smartest man, but he won the "World's smarmiest douchebag" contest hands down. There are too many hilarious moments in this video to provide a true greatest hits (especially since 3/4ths of the funniest parts are just the various looks he gives.) However, I do absolutely love when he says "I am closer to absolute truth than any man has been before me, [but] do I think that makes me better than everybody else? No." You owe it to yourself to at least watch this until the point where he responds to the interviewer's question "[your IQ score] seems very, very high"- the look Langan gives when he answers is worth a platinum ring. This guy is real by the way (you could be forgiven for assuming that he's a sketch comedy bit.)

In sadder news, Jake Plummer retired and he was a huge favorite of mine. The guy did incredible work for charity (not the just the typical "start a little foundation" bullshit that most athletes feel compelled to do), he came out against the Iraq War, and he was winning-est quarterback in broncos history, percentage wise. Now he's gonna join the peace corp? Plummer is a badass.

You can apparently get super-zoomed camera angles for some places using a trick in google maps- story here.


casey c. said...

Langan may be smart but not smart enough to get rid of the Chester mustache.

"I happen to have a larger than normal vocabulary." I seriously need a shower after watching this smug creep.

Eric said...

"How do you like them apples?"

Matt said...

Eric wins the prize!

Matt said...

Casey c.:

The "larger than average vocabulary" comment had me in stitches, I mean the movie is called "the smartest man in the world," did he think we were wondering about his vocabulary? Like "I solved the math problem, because I have the ability to do algebra- NO problem."