Friday, March 23, 2007

odds and ends

Point A.
The movie Brick utterly rules. I thought it was a joke at first- "why are they talking like that?"- then it clicked. Brick effing rules. What made me think about it? Well let's mosey on down to...

Point 2.
I'm not always crazy about internet lists, like the ones dines out on but I wholeheartedly recommend this list of the top male role models for males of my age-group and anyone who wants to understand us. Sample recipients are Bugs Bunny, Zach Morris, and Tyler Durden which are basically my top three (Do you remember how badass Bugs Bunny was? Motherfucker was unflappable.) Admittedly, the top 10 is utterly worthless (maybe Han Solo belongs on the list somewhere, but...) Nevertheless, there are some true gems in the rest of the list. The fact that there are so many non-obvious choices on there, but that they all ring so true is a testament to the effort and creativity involved in its creation.

Point D.

For a short minute, John McCain saw the light and came out in support of Gay Marriage, "especially between passionate females."

Point XXIX.
Typical day for The Onion, I know, but their new video series doesn't disappoint. There's more truth in this clip about immigration than you'll read in the New York Times (thanks other Matt.)

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