Friday, March 9, 2007

Breaking news from Apple Insider

Unlike Matt, I happen to be an "Apple person". I grew up with PCs and Apples, and I currently own two PCs and one Apple. Although, I am ditching one of my PCs to make room on my desk for my new Apple Macbook. I am a fan of innovation and Apple has led the pack for a long time. Rarely will you find (personal experience reference here- not a scientific study) somebody who has extensive experience with Apple OSX, Windows, and Linux who prefers Windows to either Apple or Linux. I have used Windows far more than Apple or Linux (Red Hat) but I still highly prefer Apple. I think it is substantially better and well worth the extra cost.

The "Apple cult" has been around for nearly two decades and being a member is an added perk of owning an Apple. I have at least a dozen or so Apple stickers in a shoebox somewhere and I read on a regular basis.

Wednesday was a very special day in the Apple world... Apparently somebody snapped a photograph of Steve Jobs where he is using an Apple iPhone in public! Now, I don't doubt that Steve Jobs may use the Apple iPhone in public.. he is the CEO of Apple and the iPhone release is just a few months away. But can anybody see an effing iPhone in that photograph?! (and if you could, would you care?) Apparently white headphones are now associated exclusively with the Apple iPhone. This is one of those situations, aka "confringement", where somebody on my side (the Apple junkie side) went a little overboard with their Apple enthusiasm and I am now forced to step back towards the middle. I think I'm going to use my Dell for a couple hours.

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