Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spirtual Decontamination

I was excited to hear that George W. was visiting Guatemala as I was just there a couple weeks ago. It was such a wonderful experience that I figured it would certainly have a positive impact on George. After all, I'm sure the CIA-supported overthrow of a democratically-elected socialist government in 1954 is on the top of George's mind. Maybe this will help him better understand the impact of US foreign policy in Central America.

It turns out that Bush's visit to the Mayan Ruins was one of the highlights of his presidency and his third visit to Mayan Ruins in the past year. For Mayan officials, the visit meant a lot of cleanup. Because of Bush's visit, the ruins now have to be cleansed of negative energy.

"We will burn incense, place flowers and water in the area where Bush has walked to clean out the bad energy," said Jorge Morales Toj, a Guatamalan youth leader.

In related news.. a protester in Guatemala City was holding this sign:


Mupetblast said...

More like "Fidel Castro is your Estranged Brother"...

mqzoeller said...

That is so almost crazily coincidental because I happen to literally know the son of Castro's first cousin and I met him in Guatemala like 7 years ago. He never mentioned a relationship of the daddy sort to any Bush member.
You think I'm fucking with you but this is really true. Chat with me for details. Holla;