Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Youtube Videos part 2- the most Epic post ever

[it's] Been too long, audience. It was easier to rationalize not posting when people weren't reading this, but we're actually getting some serious viewage. So I aim to do a lot with this post, starting with introducing you to that gif above. Sorry if you've seen these before- I've tried to include ones that have never been shown to me, and are therefore conceivably fresh and new to most people (i.e. I'm not including fucking evolution of dance, or Numa Numa or any of that BS.) We've been going through youtube videos like crazy here lately, and that's in part why I'm trying to contain this stuff in one fell swoop, instead of pimping this stuff out over 20 posts (but c'mon, that George Washington post was totally worth it. So... brave this post, if you dare. Though there is a lot of stuff, but remember: I have left out a lot, so it's not like I just posted every youtube video around. Don't be fooled by the volume into thinking that there is throwaway shit on there, because there isn't. But this is how big my "incredible videos to post on the blog" folder has gotten in the last 6 months.

Okay off the top of my head here, I'm going to say that this clip is tied with the Alexyss Tyler show as my favorite youtube clip ever. It's Aries Spears doing a freestyle impression of LL Cool J, Snoop, DMX, and Jay Z. It's uncanny.

Japanese prank shows apparently don't have to worry about lawsuits. I can't explain this clip any other way; they set up hidden cameras in bathrooms and then interrupt the people with a mechanical contraption that raises them up in the middle of park with their pants down. It gets better and better until, at about 5:00 the real over-the-top masterpiece occurs... Just watch. The sheer insanity of these prank ideas is amazing- I hope Ashton watches these and gets some ideas.

This guy finds out he's not the father of a woman's baby on some Judge Maury Springer type show, and his reaction is touching. Probably need the sound up for this one...

This one has something like 4 million views, but I have never seen it or heard of it. This guy records himself striking a drum once, or hitting a single piano key and then meshes all of that into a badass song.

What can you say about this one? Some Bollywood midget does an amazing dance and smokes a cigar. He and David Elsewhere should have a dance-off

The creepiest ad I've ever seen. This guy has a face for radio but he has a voice for email, amirite? Anyway, is "If you can't get credit at my store you can't get credit anywhere" really an appealing tagline?

Live action Mike Tyson's Punch Out. This is my favorite live action nintendo video (doesn't sound like much, but that actually means something in the world of youtube.)

Most people probably HAVE seen "Boom Goes the Dynamite" (about the sad sack sportscaster who messes up and then redeems himself) so I won't embed it, but if you wanna check it out, click here. You know what, I'm just gonna go ahead and post a bunch of links that have been hanging over my head here- I know you're supposed to ration that shit, but I figure the people who are hardcore won't be plussed with only a few little links.

If your name is Matt Zoeller click this one. It's a Metal band made up of kids (and I mean seriously young little kids) and they rock hard. That 4 year old girl little singer dancer in the middle is real prize- starting about 1:00 in she totally steals the show. And whomever knows spanish (Zoeller?), would you go the band's blog and tell me what they're all about?

This here's a lady who's stomping grapes live on TV (an extended version reveals her to be kind of a bitch, so maybe you dond't have to feel so bad for her) and she falls on her face and starts making animal noises of pain.

The crazy frog brothers- two kids who have created an elaborate dance/lip-synch performance to the song "Axel F" by Crazy Frog (which was- no shit- the number one song in Britain for awhile because they're THAT LAME.) Ashlee and I would've totally done something like this when we were young.

The story of a drunk man who wakes up with black cat firecrackers tied to his leg (and by "story" I mean, "clip of him waking and trying to scramble desperately away.") Moderately funny, but short which redeems it.

This is a Baby Panda sneezing- it gets an embed because I could watch a one hour clip of this even without the sneeze.

This high school football team stages one of the craziest comebacks in football history. Something like 30 points in 4 minutes... I guess they didn't realize that God is great comedian- wait for the end.

The Price is Right gets crazy with a woman who has no idea what she's doing... but does it well.

Okay, last one and this one's for Leah. Matt Damon's short-but-sweet dead-on impression of Matthew McConaughey. He nails the voice, but he also caputers the spirit, too.


Erin said...

He is HOT! Nice choice on Leah's behalf! And thank you for blogging, I was in dire need of help in my procrastination effort at finals week time.

mqzoeller said...

Los Gauchos are amazing. I looked at their blog and was expecting to find something like, "We are like the Tiger Woodses of Argentina in that our dad took us out of school and made us practice practice practice so the family wouldn't starve to death."
However, they are from Argentina (a.k.a. badass) but I didn't see anything about their history, just a bunch of photos and excerpts of them with famous latino musicians and a bunch of Argentina-specific vocabulary.
The homeboy totally shreds and the girl is waaaaay cute.

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