Friday, May 11, 2007

A Modern Classic

From the blog that brought you Alexyss Tyler's vagina power, "lemon-headed coward terrorist pussy", Alanis Morissette performing "My Hump" (okay, you probably would've seen My Hump anyway) comes the newest in a long line of classics. Called simply "introduction" I would be remiss if I ruined the video by telling you too much about it. The best part of it is that it seems SO innocuous at first, like you're supposed to think it's funny just because it's some silly guy talking funny. Just wait.


Ms. C said...

Holy shit. It's no Penis Power ("You see, her mind ain't right, cause the penis done ejaculated all up in her brain.") but it's pretty good. Gangsta style homo-eroticism is always funny.

Leah said...

I guess Pipelaya's name sums up the whole video. I love the slide-off-the-furniture move. This video should be posted on Alexyss Tyler's website.

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